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Harry chainsaw professional


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The Harry ZMC 5203T chain saw is designed to tackle more demanding jobs, such as felling and pruning mature trees with its 46cm/18" Oregon bar and chain.
The ZMC 5203T is powered by Harrys own 51.7cc 2 stroke engine and produces a mighty 2.1 kW. A Walbro carburettor is utilized to help provide a reliable power delivery, while coupled to a dual-stage air filter to maximize air filtration and protect the engine from harmful particles.
Despite its impressive power delivery the Harry ZMC 5203T weighs just 5.2kg, while 70% less force required to start the engine, thanks to the Harry easy start system making this saw very easy to live with.
A start-up kit is supplied as standard consisting of gloves, face mask, funnel and mixing bottle.


  • 46cm/18" Oregon bar
  • 51.7cc
  • 2.1Kw
  • 5.2kg

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